Monday, August 21, 2006

Price Discrimination in Shanghai

Most businesses in Shanghai appear to be business casual. In fact, only ex-pats wear dress shirts which is a fact that the JW Marriott has chosen to exploit shamelessly. Guesses how much it costs to launder a dress shirt....


I just can't bring myself to pay that price on principle alone even though I can expense it. Guess I'm bringing my dirty dress shirts back home with me this weekend.

If I remember correctly, can't you just buy a new dress shirt in Shanghai for $7.50?
Wes needs to read the comment about washing your Christmas presents before wearing them. Buy a new shirt for $7.50, then spend $7.50 before wearing it.........?

Maybe you should try laundering your own shirts using the bidet (Wes, not b'day).

Just curious, how much does a Rolex go for? Two shirt launderings?
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