Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Shanghai: Second First Impressions

As some of you know, I'll be commuting between New York and Shanghai for the next few months. I've just arrived in Shanghai and have two quick anecdotes to share which illustrate how much Shanghai has changed since my last trip here four years ago.

First, four years ago, it seemed as though 90% of the passengers cars were the exact same make, model, and color: VW Santana in black. This time, only about 50% of the passenger cars were VW Santanas and they now come in an assortment of colors including aqua and lime green!

Second, I asked the bellboy at the JW Marriott if the hotel was new. He replied, "No, it's old. It was built back in 2003."

That was 4 years ago! Wow, you must be pretty old now...

If I haven't said it already, you're getting ripped off by this free blog site.

Andy and I trying to be respectable in Shanghai...

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