Saturday, February 10, 2007

Vegas - LA Commute

It's official. Door to door, I can drive back to LA from Vegas in the same amount of time it takes to fly. The main reasons include:

1. Taxi line at LAX being ridiculously slow
2. Inefficient airline check-in procedures post-9/11
3. Poor design of Vegas airport terminals
4. Air traffic out of Vegas airport
5. Oft-delayed flights out of Vegas
6. Lack of traffic flowing from Vegas to LA on a Friday night

I wish they'd finally builld that bullet train from LA to Vegas I've been hearing about since I was a kid....

Andy I got a nice card from you and I wanted to track you down and catch up.

Also, any chance you will be in Vegas March 9-11? D. Flemings bachelor party...Im rooming with heinous Staimen

Do you have my email?
I think they did, and they call it "Rincon."
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