Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Now I Feel Old

One of my employees here in Shanghai was amazed when I told her that U.C. Berkeley didn't have WiFi in the dorm rooms when I was there. She was astounded that a school she held in such high regard was so archaic. I had to explain to her that WiFi (not to mention the internet) didn't exist back then. OK, technically Al Gore invented it a few years earlier, but it wasn't quite in the format we know and love today....

No where near as old as when I explained to my staff that I used a slide rule in high school... They didn't know what one was.
That is fucking funny. That whole internet fad caught on really quickly. I never even had broadband until I was a senior at Cal, and pretty much all through school there were never such things as course pages or even email.

Did I already call you old....
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