Monday, August 21, 2006

Tissues in Pakistan

Completely random post: When I was in Pakistan, one of the weirdest things I came across (well, besides the Sikh temple which treated a book as a human being complete with an air conditioned bedroom) was the fact that people used tissues instead of napkins.

I don't discount this sort of nonesense. When you travel enough that people know you're not just traveling for the sake of saying you've been there (sorry, I guess you still do that, but once you've been everywhere I assume you'll stop) you pick up more on the small things. My best memories of China is still the giant dump I took at that Buhddist temple. One of my favorite memories of Thailand (other thant claiming I murdered young american girls) is using the b'days (sp?). Mostly b/c it was so hot and humid anyways that it didn't make a difference if you dried your but or not. I described this to Brian once, how lived in the south, and he immediately knew what I was talking about. They call it "swamp ass" which I guess can only be described as a perpetually sweaty butt.

My best memory of Cambodia is leaving Cambodia. Actually, Cambodia is an f'ing funny place in that while most things are dirt cheap, the government charges you up the ass in USD or Thai Baht (they don't accept their own currency) for anything they can.
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