Friday, September 08, 2006

Addition by Subtraction

With 4 gigs of music, I initially loaded my iPod up with an eclectic mix of songs and went for diversity figuring the cost of overage (too many songs/variety) was less than the cost of underage (not enough songs/variety). However, I’ve found I generally just put it on Shuffle mode in order to maximize battery life. I recently deleted a bunch of marginal songs from my iPod and my satisfaction with it has skyrocketed.

It occured to me that there is applicable to the business world as well. Firing your marginal customers (or employees!) will probably make your life a great deal easier, more profitable, and enjoyable. In some cases, less is more.

absolutely, less can definitely be more. in restructuring, we're firing marginal customers all the time. we tell our clients it's better to be smaller and more profitable than bigger and bloated. strip it down to the cash-generating core first, then rebuild it right. and in life generally, i'm finding simpler is better -- i'm getting too old to be juggling too many things at once

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