Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Best -$0.01 I Ever Spent

My computer got infected with a bunch of spyware this weekend. I decided against clicking on the pop-up ad that told me about the spyware (what kind of idiot do they think I am to pay the guy who infected me to remove the crap virus they infected me with in the first place?!?) and instead when down to Staples. After a cursory glance, I picked up some spyware remover for $30 only to find a competitor’s product for $20. Then, I saw another one for $10 and finally complete security suite with personal firewall, virus protection, and all sorts of other do-hickeys for -$0.01! I felt like Bruce Willis in Pulp Fiction. The price for the McAfee security suite was $69.99 and there were two rebates totaling $70. Sure I had to pay the taxes, postage, and time value of money but none of this goes to McAfee. I know McAfee pioneered freeware and all but seriously, how the heck do they make any money? I know, I know…. They make it up in volume.

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