Tuesday, September 19, 2006

October Baseball

I wrote this entry a few weeks ago and had been waiting until October to publish it. Given the Dodgers dramatic win on Monday night, I felt it was time to put it on the blog. By the way, how the heck did Nomar not do the fist pump in homage to Gibson? For that matter, why didn't Steve Finley do it when he hit that walk off homer against the Padres to clinch the division back in '04? Anyhow, on with the post....

Anyone who has worked for me has heard this analogy umpteen times – I want to play October baseball. People who say baseball is boring are missing the point. At 162 games, the baseball season is more a war of attrition than anything else. During the season, players routinely take time off to rest and recuperate. Heck, some players are guilty of doing that during a game! However, come October, everybody is available to play. Ego and injury are set aside. Curt Shilling’s Achilles tendon isn’t that bloody. Kirk Gibson’s knees aren’t that sore. Turns out starting pitchers really don’t need four days rest after all and coming out of the bullpen isn’t going to kill them. And while star players are expected to produce (Reggie Jackson, for example), more often than not it seems a team effort is required (2003 Marlins, 2002 Angels, and 1988 Dodgers come to mind) or unlikely heroes immerge (Scott Brocious? Craig Counsel?). While it may sound silly, I try to capture the excitement of October baseball in my projects at work.

Coincidentally, I'll back in New York the next week through October 5th. Anyone up for tracking down some tickets and heading out to the Bronx or Queens with me let me know!

Baseball is boring, even when the month ends with a "ber". Now it interferes with my Simpsons season. I curse baseball. Of course, this is coming from a life long Cubs fan.

You should have a link to my website from here.
Done! Click here for Tyler's website
All I heard on local sports radio yesterday was how that win was going to propel the Dodgers to a winning streak and division title. Then they go and lose to the Pirates! Good streak there!
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