Thursday, October 12, 2006

More Thoughts on the Nobel Prize

So do you think the other Nobel Prize winners make fun of the guy/gal who wins the one for Literature? I mean seriously! The Medicine, Chemistry, and Physics winners struggle in labs for years. The Econ winners sit around all day long thinking really hard about explaining how people think and act (Come to think of it, the Econ winner is strange. Sometimes it leans toward Mathematics and other times Sociology, two very different disciplines). The Peace winners more than likely have risked their lives countless times and been imprisioned and tortured and stuff. And these winners get equal billing with someone who hangs out all day long at a Starbucks all day long sucking down frappaccinos while typing away on his PowerBook? What's up with that?

Um, I think writing nobel laureate literature is probably a little more difficult than pumping our books like Grissom or Stephen King. Just a thought. Besides, John Bolten was nomiated for the peace prize this year, think about that.
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