Tuesday, October 10, 2006

0 to $1.65 Billion in 20 Months

What were you doing in February 2005? I was spending most of my free time looking for a house and planning my wedding. Since then, I've accomplished both of those goals along with landing my job doing turnaround work for Carl Ichan. I've been at the new job for just under 11 months now and have some pretty neat accomplishments under my belt including turning around a textile mill in Alabama in under 4 months and taking over daily managment of a sourcing operation in Shanghai. However, all of that pales in comparison to the founders of YouTube. Man, that's impressive.

I had just finished teaching English in Thailand and was moving down the Malay Peninsula towards Singapore on my way to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, California, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and back to California. I made it but I am broke and need to find a job. Target date February 2007. Got leads?
Andy, I am not sure how I came across this site but I did. Awesome. I see that you are doing turnaround work which was is great. I am as well. After graduating Wharton i joined Alvarez & Marsal.

It's been a while since Cal. Drop me a line whenever you get a chance. In the meantime, I'll keep reading the blog.

Rishi Jain
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