Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Proposal on Gun Control

I've got a simple proposal to overt tragedies such as the Virginia Tech shootings: co-signing gun permits. While the waiting period and background checks mandated by the Brady Bill certainly make a lot of sense, I think we need more stringent measures to protect against first time felons such as Seung-Hui Cho. Just about everyone from his classmates to an escort he hired a week before the events knew this guy was "creepy". Even his own sister says he was a weirdo! It got me thinking if there is ANYBODY who is willing to vouch for this guy. Voila! Co-signing for gun permits.

Just like a loan, the co-signer would bear responsibility for the actions of the primary signer. Gun enthusiasts, hunters, and even people who want to own a firearm for personal protection should have no problem finding someone to co-sign their application. And if they can't find a friend or loved one to co-sign and accept responsibility for their actions, shouldn't that tell us something about the applicants' worthiness to own a means of death?

Of course, we could always just adopt Chris Rock's proposal and levy a HUGE tax on bullets....

Interesting idea Andy - what would be the consequences for the "co-signer" if the person snaps and does something terrible? How long would the "endorsement" last? I see the benefits of having this type of system in place, but imho the stakes are too high, and I question whether anyone would be willing to vouch for others. "That's what long term partners do for each other" doesn't quite apply here! :)
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