Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Plan for Universal Heath Care

Rather than just come out with some half-baked idea about increasing income tax to the rich and forcing businesses to pay more medical coverage, I have an extremely actionable and inexpensive plan to provide for universal health care coverage.

Step 1: Tax the crap out of unhealthy behavior. Whatever the tax on on cigarettes and alcohol is, freakin' quadruple it. Institute a new tax on trans-fat or whatever it is in junk/fast-food that makes people obese. In fact, just institute a new tax based on body mass.

Step 2: Tax the crap out of polluting businesses, especially fossil fuel burning companies. I think government is missing out on a HUGE opportunity to both increase revenues and do something good for the environment by not taking action here. Pollution is a sizeable negative externality that government should try to curb. I cringe every time the news reports the number of deaths from a cold front and people rally for the government to subsidize heating oil costs. Why don't these people just wear more clothes in their homes? And where are all the Greenpeace folks then?

Step 3: Build more parks and playgrounds. Gym membership fees are outrageous. A little jog path with a few pull-up bars works just as well. We just need more of them.

Step 4: Ban American Idol. Is there a more effective way to get people off their couches and exercising more?

Step 5: Sponsor more beauty pageants. Feminists always talk about the evils of women with poor self-image and all the eating disorders the media causes. Simple solution here is to promote a healthier definition of beauty. A little government propaganda could go a far way here.

All kidding aside, I think the key here is for people to take more responsibility for their own health and stop thinking that government can effectively provide health care for the population. And before anyone points out that many other countries do in fact have universal health care, ask yourself this: If you were ill, which country would you go to seek treatment?

I thought you were opposed to taxing production? Last time I checked, those huge polluting energy generators were producing energy for consumption. Maybe we should just increase the tax on the consumers who would, in turn, start wearing more clothes in their homes to keep warm and save $$$. :-)
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