Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick Thoughts on Immigration Rallies

I don't have too much time this morning but wanted to jot down two thoughts about the immigration rallies yesterday. And for the record, I'm a HUGE proponent of increasing immigration and immigrant rights but I'll explain that some other time.

First, why on Earth do the protesters wave MEXICAN flags and wear red, white, and green? If they're trying to fight for immigrant rights, seems a lot more sensible to wave around an AMERICAN flag and wear red, white, and blue, doesn't it? Wouldn't they want to show their pride in being Americans and loyalty to the US?

Second, why do they demand rights? If I were one of the organizers of the rallies, I would demand to pay income taxes. What? That's right. Take the contrapositive position and instead of "No taxation without representation", shout out, "Representation with taxation!" Seriously, wouldn't the anti-immigrant movement look pretty stupid if they were against people who wanted to pay income taxes and be treated as equals?

Just two quick thoughts to start the morning....

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