Thursday, July 12, 2007

Time Shares?

I've had a few interactions with folks in the time share industry while working out here in Vegas. The cost of sales for a time share a ASTRONOMICAL. These guys pay top dollar on everything from free rooms to meals and entertainment to lure customers into hearing the sales pitch and ultimately buying a share. I would have thought that everybody is well aware that time shares are a horrible investment and moreover a complete rip-off. I mean, why else would anyone give you so much just to listen to the sales pitch? The profitability must be huge (which equals "RIP OFF"). Yet, time shares in Vegas are thriving! Who are you people buying these things?

Also, if you are going to listen to the sales pitch, you should try to demand much more than free show tickets. Some operators will actually give you as much as 2 nights accommodations with meals in addition to the show tickets just to sit through the time share presentation.

I disagres

I agree Timeshare are a great investment IF

you travel several times per year in many locations

Enjoy staying at full service resorts with LOTS of space and amenities

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