Monday, July 16, 2007

Worst TV Show EVER

I was at the gym earlier this evening when I happened upon the worst TV show EVER! Seriously, this show should be banned. I'm absolutely certain this show has more negative and corrupting influence over kids than rap music or TV voilence ever will. So there's this show on MTV called My Super Sweet Sixteen or something similarly stupid. Basically, the entire show highlights these little spoiled brats getting these ridiculous sixteenth birthday parties. Who was the brains behind this one? Seriously, as bad as the show sounds, it's worse.

With crap like this on the air, I guess I can understand why Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are so popular....

Unfortunately the show is probably popular and a money maker. This is an example of why some foreigners think the United States is culturally barren. Shallow, sure. Barren? Come on.
I haven't see this show but I can guess it's just as terrible as bridezillas which, unfortunately I have seen. The point of most of these shows is to laugh at, not be jealous of, the people in them. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a satire but I think most of the "entertainment" value of the shows comes from how ridiculous the people are.

There are a number of shows out there that profile excess or abundance. How they differ is their presentation or conclusion. Some shows like Bridezillas poke fun at the people and show how petty spoiled rich kids can be. Other shows like MTV Cribs or The Girl Next Door show the same excess but make it seem cool and envious.

So I wouldn't call Sweet 16 corrupting. If anything, I think the other brand of show, i.e. Cribs, is more so.
Unfortunately, this stupid My Super Sweet Sixteen show is more akin to Cribs, trying to glorify these insipid individuals. The one girl on the show I had the misfortune of watching said, "I'm just going to die if I don't get her [a $100,000 pony]." Mind you, it's not like this girl was some equestrian hopeful or anything. She just thought the pony would look cute in a pink outfit.

The saddest part about the whole thing is that when they brought out the pony at the actual party (which was full of pyrotechnics, acrobats, and Ryan Cabrerra in concert), she didn't even seem too happy. Actually, the saddest part was probably where she and her whoring friends interviewed all these potential "Ken dolls" to escort her to her party and one of them couldn't answer the question, "Who was the second president of the United States?"

Sad, just sad.
you should check out the mba challenge on cnbc next weds. the finals pits Texas vs Yale.
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