Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Another Reason I Blog

In addition to trying to keep in touch with people, I also started blogging because I was starting to get a complex about not having any idea what the heck "web 2.0" was all about. Anyhow, part of this web 2.0 stuff seems to be the ability to my stuff via on my.yahoo, your google home, page or any other "feedreader" if you use either. From about a day of trying it out, I like the my.yahoo interface the best. Surprisingly, Google's interface (and feedreader) is pretty bad. Actually, this blogger site (owned by Google) is pretty terrible as well and I'm considering porting everything over to a wordpress account.

That being said, if you haven't toyed around with Google AdWords, there's some pretty powerful stuff there. For example, I'm able to see that 2 people clicked on my link to my wife's website, ”littleMAN”. I'm also able to see that she got 1 visit from Bellingham, WA; 1 from Conway, AR (alright, who are you?); 1 from Zurich (Hello, Sanjay); 1 from Scottsdale, AZ (Hello, Jason); 7 from Lenexa, KS; and so on. I'm only able to view this information because I'm advertising my wife's company on Google AdWords. I wonder why Google doesn't incorporate this into Blogger and just blow typepad, wordpress, and the rest of the blogging tools out of the water.

I got into blogging too at the urging of my wife. Like brother, like sister. I do it on livejournal but I have a screen name.
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