Thursday, September 21, 2006

Regional Fast Food

Here's another random post about food:

Many people lament the homogenization of the American landscape and claim nowhere is this more evident than in the fast food industry. It seems as though regional charm is lost with all of our cookie-cutter McDonalds and KenTacoHuts. However, I think these critics aren’t digging deep enough. There is plethora of regional fast food options. San Francisco has all those wraps places (at least back a few years ago they did). Los Angeles has many ethic chains such as El Tarasco, El Pollo Inca, and Noodle Planet. The South has Waffle House. New York has the soup/sandwich/salad chains (Hale and Hearty, Europa Café, and Café Metro). Something tells me that if any of these regional chains go national, there will be other concepts in line to take their place.

You'll be surprised to hear this from me: somewhere deep inside me I don't think chains are that bad. I think it's because of my So Cal upbringing. If the chains could co-exist with mom-and-pop places rather than drive them out, I don't think it would be so bad. It took me a sec to realize (or have it dawn on me) what KenTacoHut was. I like calling it K Fried C.
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