Thursday, September 21, 2006

Some Completely Random Food Thoughts

Chocolate is not very common in China. I never really thought about it before (mainly because I'm not a big fan of chocolate) but I happened to see a chocolate napoleon in the window of a bakery the other day and realized I hadn't seen a chocolate dessert in a few weeks!

I had a business lunch at a Malayasian restaurant a few days ago when I bit into a delicious starchy vegetable which was strikingly familiar. After a few more bites, it dawned on me that I haven't had a potato is over a month. Evidently there's not much potato going on in Chinese cooking. Side note: There really aren't good synonyms for "realized" are there?

Restaurants in Pakistan charge much more for chicken than beef or lamb. And there's obviously never any pork on the menu.

Ever notice that pesto tastes better lukewarm versus piping hot?

YEAH! about the pesto. Jennifer says, "These are random food thoughts."
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