Friday, October 06, 2006

Tracy-Looking Criminal Beware!

Attention Tracy-looking criminal: the CIA is on to you!

Tracy and I were at JFK yesterday when some guy approached her in the airport security line. He flashed a pretty fake looking badge and said he was with the CIA and asked if she would follow him for additional screening. Another guy showed me his ID, politely told me that they were only interested in talking to her, and then proceeded to question me! I must admit I was a bit skeptical at the whole scenario until I noticed 8 or so plain-clothes people converge upon us. They were all dressed differently (some in suits, some casually, one or two "homeboy" style) but all had one thing in common: as they approached, they all produced a badge dangling from their neck. They asked us for two forms of picture ID which coincidently we had and where we were going and so on and so forth. They told me that Tracy matched the desciption of a criminal they were after and had a warrant out for her arrest. Of course, this got me wondering exactly what sort of heinous acts a petite Tiawanese woman could committ in the first place?

Anyhow, they also asked me where I worked and where I lived to which I always pause and think, "Well, that's sort of a long story. In fact, I've set up this blog so to help answer that exact question...."

where are you criminals off to next? Are we at red-orange terror level yet?
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