Monday, October 09, 2006

Highlights from My 10 Year Reunion

I was in the Bay Area attending my 10 year college reunion this past weekend. In keeping with the namesake of the blog, here are some completely random thoughts:
  • One of my fraternity brothers is graduating this December after 17 consecutive years at Cal.
  • I should really rephrase that to read, “claims to be graduating”.
  • I have another fraternity brother who has been at Cal for 16 consecutive years and doesn’t appear to be close to graduating.
  • Telegraph Avenue is definitely starting to gentrify. There’s even a fancy Adidas store now.
  • Happily, my favorite restaurant, Steve’s Korean BBQ, is alive and well. They raised their prices once while I was at Cal. The prices haven’t gone up since. The portion sizes haven’t decreased any, either.
  • Has anyone calculated Coach Tedford’s impact on the local Berkeley economy? I wouldn’t be surprised if the figure is over $10 million annually (10,000 extra fans per game x $100 on admission, food, drinks, and merchandise x 5 games per season = $5 million). This figure doesn’t include hotel accommodations for out of town fans. There were thousands of Oregon fans in town this past Saturday

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