Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tips for Restaurant Owners

If there are two qualities my mother imbued me with it is a love of food and the ability to point out what people are doing wrong. I thought I'd share some of that magic gratis. Without further adieu here are my suggestions for restaurant owners:

  • Charge less for entrees, make portion sizes smaller, and make it up in desserts. I can't tell you the last time I had any room in my stomach for dessert after the appetizer and entree. Everyone knows desserts are highest margin items. Build it into your pricing model.
  • Speed up the appetizers and spare the bread. Who wants bread anyways? I go out to restaurants to eat FOOD not fill up on bread and butter.
  • Continuing with that theme, take my appetizer order when I leave my name for the table. Doing this simple task accomplishes two things: first, it insures I'll spend money on appetizers and second, it reduces the amount of time I tie up a table.
  • Clean the freakin' bathrooms every once in a while.
  • Tell me how much the specials are. How come no one ever mentions how much they cost? I'm much more likely to order the sea bass in the red wine reduction sauce if I know it's not going to be $49.95. What sort of license to steal is the special anyhow?
  • Don't offer seafood on Mondays. Everyone knows fishermen aren't working on Sundays. They're too busy watching the Sea Hawks or the Patriots or something. And even if it is fresh, most people will just assume that it isn't.

  • That's enough for now. I'll post more as I notice them. Feel free to leave your own comments as well.

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