Monday, November 06, 2006

Celebrity Sightings

I generally don't run into too many celebrities but Sunday was quite the exception. I was in the security screening line at LAX when I spotted a lanky guy with long curly hair who looked like a recording superstar but I wasn't sure. I spent the next few minutes trying to read his bording pass and drivers license to no avail when suddenly, another guy approached him and said, "Thanks for being on my show this weekend!" Growing up in Los Angeles in the 80s, I recognized the voice immediately. It was none other than Mr. Disco Duck himself, Rick Dees. That pretty much confirmed the first guy was in fact who I thought it was: Weird Al Yankovic.

If that wasn't Weird enough, I ran into Angela Lansbury in the lobby of my hotel! I felt like I was in some VH1 special about the 80s.

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