Thursday, November 09, 2006

Problem with

I love I probably spend about $1,000 a year on amazon, not couting big ticket purchases like fancy camera lenses. However, I HATE the so-called personalized recommendations. From what I can tell, they basically take the last 3 books you bought and pick titles that sound like it. For example, I bought the Rosetta Stone CD-ROMs for Mandarin. One of the suggestions that popped up is for the Rosetta Stone Japanese package. HOW MANY FREAKIN' LANGUAGES DOES AMAZON THINK I'M TRYING TO LEARN AT ONE TIME?!?!?

Also, I have read every book written by Mark Bowden and believe I have bought all of them through Same thing with Michael Lewis (except that sappy "Coach" book he came out with last year). Wouldn't you think I'd like to know when one of those guys publishes a new book? Turns out Michael Lewis does have a new book out. I found out the other night while shopping at Barnes and Noble. And why don't the recommendations come right up on the home page. Who cares about kitchenware? Considering I've cooked 2 meals in the past year, certainly not I. (That being said, I really do like cooking but don't have the time anymore with my new job.)

Amazon should just go out and buy NetFlix and incorporate their recommendation algorithm. The more I think about it, the more that combination makes sense. Maybe for a fixed fee each month, you can have a book mailed to you. After you're done with it, you mail it back. I mean, who rereads books anyways? Certainly not me.

And to think Amazon had hired away people from Walmart to come up with that Algorithm. Walmart filed an injunction against Amazon and won. All for a crappy alogrithm about cross-selling.

By they way, Netflix has (or maybe had) a huge monetary offer for anyone that could come out with a better Algorithm than them.
I thought that latest Lewis book Blind Side sucked! He make Michael Oher sound like a demi-god...the guy is playing CENTER! not left tackle.
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