Monday, September 25, 2006

At Least He Was Honest About The Watch...

My wife and I were walking around our neighborhood in Shanghai the other day when we came across a little stall selling Paul Frank merchandise. His inventory levels and lack of POS (Point of Sale -- printed materials such as posters and stickers used to build the brand and entice customers to buy) caused some concern to the legitimacy of the merchandise. Further, the guy violated one of my foreign country shopping rules (he spoke English perfectly). He did have some quality stuff at rock bottom prices that were hard to resist. Instead of haggling over price, he offered us our choice of a handsome Paul Frank wristwatch with the purchase of any two clothing items. I started examining the quality of the stuff closer and decided to cut to the chase and just ask him directly if the stuff was real. He replied, "Well, to tell you the truth, the watch is fake but the clothes are real!" We bought two items, bargained him down a few bucks, and let him keep the watch.

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