Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Federally Funded Stem Cell Research

I don't understand why people want the federal government to fund stem cell research. Some people are against federally-funded stem cell research for moral or religious reasons. I won't even get into that. I'm against it because I think it's a waste of tax-payer money. That's right, an absolute waste. Why? Because stem cell research is so promising.


Stem cell research has the potential to cure so many different diseases that pharmaceutical companies stand to reap a windfall from any significant discoveries. As such, there is clearly incentive and motivation for these companies to invest in research into stem cells with or without federal funds. Why should tax-payers foot the bill for the research that big pharma companies are willing to fund on their own?

C'mon...its like DARPA. When the federal government funds projects that are considered "strategic national initiatives"...projects that are too important for national security (or these days the national economy).

Furthermore, it would be unwise to have one company or entity trademark, patent or otherwise control the genetic map, or processes of stem cell research.

Thirdly, it keeps the Universities busy on "leading edge" technology and allows us to pay some smart professors $250,000 per year from Stem Cell Grants while coaches at the same schools football programs get $2M per year to coach idiots.

Finally, stem cell research is being funded by the government for top secret reasons of National Security -- to defend the very blanket of freedom we all sleep under each night. There is a secret plan on how to win the war in Iraq. We are going to clone machine gun toating sheep and let them "wander in" to some of the high risk areas of Iraq and Afghanistan.
1) What the goverment funds, they will eventually control, or at least attempt to control in a very sloppy and inefficient way. It is a very short step from "we will fund you for X, but not stem cell research beyond our parameters.” Then it's tomorrow and "by the way, if you do privately funded stem cell work beyond our parameters, we aren't going to fund X anymore, because we can't be sure where the money is really going.”

2) On a related note, big Pharma is on so many government gravy train tightropes that they'd probably just as soon not touch that one for fear of taking it in the A$$ somewhere else for political retribution. Plus, no CEO wants a crazy domestic abortion terrorist showing up at their offices. They're better off inventing new afflictions to cure.
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